Polarization and Confirmation Bias Continue in the U.S

In January, I wrote about what seemed to me as an increase in group polarization and confirmation bias around the US political climate. Things have only increased since then. As we sit in the middle of what seems like a cultural revolution of “woke” pundits lobbying increasingly polarized ideas. The political Left has been polarized to now have a postmodern liberal platform. Being pushed further and further left to where protestors in Seattle created their own “autonomous zone” where protestors seemed to attempt creating their own sovereign municipality. Ideological groups are being polarized and plagued by group-think because the other adversarial ideological group is in response to being polarized and pushed further towards their own extreme ideological platform. The cycle of group polarization, confirmation bias, and group-think is creating a very dangerous positive feedback loop. As groups get more and more polarized the other side seems more and more radical to the other and the positive feedback continues. Ideological groups think the other side is so radical that they must stand together in solidarity against the other, and the positive feedback loop continues. Where are we headed? I do not know, but it sure seems like a dangerous place to me.

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