New Year’s Res Check-In 2

Whoops, I missed the window for my actual check-in 2. It was supposed to be in June. But here we are in September with a check-in. Some of my resolutions did not age so well into the Corona Crisis of 2020.

1) Use the phrase “I don’t care” less. I think I have made good progress on this. I think I have done a good job replacing this with different phrases and different ways to articulate that things are not important to me. I think this is important to improve my emotional intelligence and become more personable to others.

2) Keep a journal. I continue to fail on this front miserably. To reiterate, I have tried this several times and failed. For some reason, I just cannot make a habit out of keeping a journal.

3) Read/watch/listen to something educational at least every weekday, if not every day. Some progress on this. It depends on what I classify as educational. In a liberal interpretation, my fantasy football research counts as educational :). I probably achieve this most days as I joined the workforce and am digesting much content.

4) Interrupt people less. Something I continue to work on. This resolution has somewhat shifted now that much communication is done on a virtual level. Conversing and be somewhat more difficult through virtual mediums, because it is more difficult to sense context clues and other communication things. A new challenge, but something I continue to work on. I think I am more mindful of interrupting people but its something I would like to still reduce. Sometimes I just get excited about things, but it will be an important skill to be able to hold my excitement and let people finish their thoughts.

5) Be a little more outgoing, this one didn’t age well. Try again next year when society has resumed.

I’ll see everyone for the year-end review in December.

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