Jeopardy Hosting Debacle

What a complete disaster. I have been an avid fan for about 5 years now. I have to say the way Sony has handled this process has been a complete failure. The issue I have with this is that it seems that Mike played a role in determining who the new host was supposed to be, while he was actively being considered for the host job. Why did he not recuse himself? I mean these are standard company operating procedures. I think in everyone’s mind Ken was the heir-apparent, and for some reason, we are stuck with Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik. Just kidding, Mike is out and Mayim is still in. And now Ken is going to host for an extended period of time.
Just for fun my top 5 choices would have been:
David Faber
Robyn Roberts
Aaron Rodgers
Buzzy Cohen

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