Afghanistan Issues

Over the last couple weeks, we have seen how the US’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan is playing out. I think the main issue we are seeing in the media is that for some reason no one can differentiate between the idea of pulling out and the execution of pulling out. My opinion would be that most people agree we want to end the war in Afghanistan, but I also wanted the US to execute the plan. Why does the Taliban have so much of our equipment? It seems like there was terrible execution of a plan. I am not a military general nor am I an expert, but when looking at this objectively it doesn’t really make much sense that we have left operational helicopters (said to be not operational) to the Taliban. Additionally, the plan was executed so poorly that a US leader had to meet with the Taliban. The mantra is that we do not negotiate with terrorists. Why are there Americans and Afgan interpreters left behind? We do not leave anyone behind. I think unfortunately Biden’s legacy as president will be marred by this blunder.


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