A Random Walk down Wall Street

The next book I decided to read was this one. Fantastic book. I think the author provides a very strong argument why the majority of one’s wealth should be put away in low expense mutual funds and ETFs, along with the other templates he provides. Now if one wants to get uber wealthy then this strategy will not work. As we learned in Zero to One, the only way to get outsized returns is to avoid the spray and pray method and invest heavily in a couple companies.

Overall I think the vast majority of investors should follow a strategy close to what the author lays out. It just makes sense that the average investor is not going to beat the market consistently over the long run. The investors that can do this charge money, and the management fees will mostly outweigh the gains when compared to the random walk strategy.

I think anyone who wants to learn the best strategy for saving for retirement should read this book. An investor would not get rich quick off this, but it is the best overall strategy for the average investor.

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