New Year’s Res Check-In 1

  1. Use the phrase “I don’t care” less. I think I have made good progress on this. This is purely anecdotally, unfortunately, but I feel like I have been doing a better job.

2. Keep a journal. This is has been a complete failure. I have tried this to do this resolution several times and I just cannot stick with it for some reason.

3. Read/watch/listen to something educational at least every weekday. I have been able to stick with this pretty well. Being in school also helps, but the true test will come when I graduate from school.

4. Interrupt people less. This one has been very hard for me. One of my biggest struggles in a conversation. I think I have been a little better because I am cognizant of the habit. I really am going to start focusing on this soon.

5. Be a little more outgoing. Not really sure about my progress on this. I have been being more social, but that is primarily the result of having less school work to do. Starting now I will try to have a conversation with a new person or something like that as a means to achieving this resolution.

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